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The Center for Blue Resources Development (CBRD) is a non-profit research, consultancy and development organization based in Bangladesh, focusing on promoting the sustainable use and conservation of the marine resources.

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Center for Blue Resources Development is committed to providing scientific insights and innovative solutions to address the challenges of the ocean economy, including sustainable fisheries, coastal tourism, renewable energy, and ecosystem management.

CBRD aims to lead the marine research in Bangladesh dedicated to advancing sustainable ocean management and the conservation of marine resources. Through its interdisciplinary research, partnerships, and collaborations, CBRD seeks to promote the sustainable development of the blue economy in Bangladesh while protecting the marine environment and biodiversity.


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CBRD's mission is to improve the understanding and management of Bangladesh's marine resources through cutting-edge research, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement. The organization aims to promote the sustainable development of the blue economy while protecting the marine environment and biodiversity.

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Sustainable Fisheries

CBRD conducts research on sustainable fisheries management in Bangladesh, including fish stock assessment, ecosystem-based fisheries management, and alternative livelihoods for fishing communities.

CBRD studies marine biodiversity in Bangladesh, including the distribution and abundance of marine species, their role in ecosystem functioning, and the impacts of human activities on marine biodiversity.

CBRD researches ocean governance in Bangladesh, including the legal and policy frameworks for marine resource management, the role of international organizations in ocean governance, and the involvement of stakeholders in decision-making.

CBRD investigates the sustainable development of coastal tourism in Bangladesh, including the impact of tourism on marine ecosystems, the role of community-based tourism in promoting sustainable development, and the management of marine protected areas.

CBRD studies the potential and challenges of renewable energy in the ocean in Bangladesh, including offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy, and their impacts on marine ecosystems and biodiversity.


Please visit the Events Site To be informed and stay informed about Center for Blue Resources Development. Monthly we showcase an event to share information on trends and issues within Blue Resource Development efforts in Bangladesh and abroad. Every month we showcase a distinguished resercher, blue resources contributor and answer your questions.

The Need for: Blue Economy

Date: May, 2020
Presenter: Dr Abdul Wahab

Lately we hear a lot about blue economy and its impact to our GDP and our economic growth. It is important to realize how we can benefit from this new economic spear head and also generate better livelihood for fisherfolks. Join me to discuss on the need for the Blue Economy.

Building resiliency in Coastal Fisheries Activity

Date: June, 2023
Presenter: Dr Abdul Wahab

Coastal fisheries activity is not like inland fresh water fisheries. In order to enable fisheries in coastal regions there is upfront investment and technology transfer required for make coastal fisheries a success story. Join me to discuss how we can build resiliency in our Coastal fisheries activity

Enterprise Architecture Turn Around Time – Two Years

Date: July, 2023
Author: Joel-Ahmed Mondol

A common question that I have always been asked is, “Where are we going to be in two years’ time?”, or “How do you see us in two years?”. I divide the state of an enterprise that starts its Enterprise Architecture practice from day one to after two years into two areas (surprise! surprise!) (more)

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